lily wilson
lily wilson


Leslie brings 19 years of being an instructor and trainer to the Back Forte. She has a diverse background. Her family was always involved in the Arabian circuit and through that, Leslie has done everything from Western to Park horses at a National Level, winning 5 National Championships as a youth rider and multiple National Top Tens and Regional Wins and Awards.

Leslie has been training horses and coaching riders from the age of 16 (19 years now!) And has enjoyed much success with her students. From the ones who want to compete to the ones who are just in it for the education and fun, Leslie's students enjoy her positive teaching style and her methods in how she helps each student grow in confidence, strength, knowledge and horsemanship skill.

Horses in training with Leslie enjoy her gentle, fair and concise leadership and they flourish mentally and physically under her care, in any discipline.

Leslie is the founder of Feather Equestrian and Mini Horse Trainers and works with an incredible group of instructors to be able to bring you riding lessons, camps and clinics! 

For prices on lessons, training, camps and clinics, call or e-mail Leslie at: 253-802-2342 or

lily wilson

Quin Hinrichs

Quin Hinrichs, owner and instructor at Flying Horse School of Horsemanship, has been in love with horses her entire life. She began her equine career as a teenager, riding bareback and wild across the plains in central Arizona on a half-trained pony rescued from the auction house. In 1983, she and the pony were tamed by an eventing trainer who took her on as a working student with her pony as a work in progress.  Quin hasn't been without horses since.

As a working student and then assistant trainer at Meadowlark Training Farm in Chino Valley, Arizona, Quin learned to train and successfully competed in dressage, eventing, and hunter/jumpers. She began teaching lessons when she was sixteen.  In 1999, shortly after finishing college with a degree in education, Quin moved to the Phoenix area and started Flying Horse School of Horsemanship. She relocated to Washington in June 2015.  She has worked extensively with USET Eventing Team Member (1980-86), Kim Walnes and USDF Gold Medalist, Heather Wilson-Roller.

With her background in eventing, dressage, and classical training, Quin brings 30+ years of experience to every ride.  She helps each horse and rider enjoy success and maximize performance by emphasizing communication, trust, and understanding. In addition to classical training techniques, behavioral science (both human and equine), positive training principles, and biomechanics, Quin employs her skill as a professional educator to make correct, effective riding understandable and enjoyable for both horses and riders.

micaela caron

Micaela Caron

Micaela, owner of Partner Equine has been working with horses for over 15 years. She began her career working as a camp lesson instructor. Throughout high school she leased a handful of different horses and took lessons from a variety of different instructors. After purchasing her first horse, she went on to work for several different trainers over the following 5 years. She then decided to start her own business doing what she loves.

Partner Equine focuses on confidence, and mutual respect between horse and rider. Focusing on groundwork, respect, and maintaining a relaxed yet responsive horse. Micaela’s goal for her clients is to be completely confident in any situation, and to have the tools to correct unwanted behavior while maintaining a calm presence.

Not only does Partner Equine provide training, lessons, groundwork, and lunging. Micaela also provides a variety of other services including Laser Therapy, Respiratory Treatments, Massage & Stretching, and Kinesiology Taping. For more information on these services please visit my Facebook page @partnerequine.

Facebook & Instagram: @partnerequine
Phone: 206.669.2004